We often get asked similar questions by our clients, so to help you out, we’ve tried to cover the most common ones here. If you have a question that isn’t covered here, please feel free to contact us.

Can you measure WiFi?

Yes we can make WiFi measurements, either as standalone survey or simultaneously while measuring other signals. We can identify interference or coverage problems within a WiFi system and propose system changes to resolve the issue identified.

Can you make radio frequency safety measurements?

Yes we can measure radio frequency energy and compare this to recognised standards for exposure.

How do you do safety measurements?

We measure all the radio signals that can be detected across a wide spectrum and add each individual power level together to determine to total amount of radio frequency power at that location. This cumulative power level is then compared to the standards for exposure.

What measurement systems do you use?

We use Rohde and Schwarz ROMES in a wide variety of different configurations. Also Nemo Handy on a variety of different devices. Where these systems are not suitable we have developed several in house systems to use scanners or other devices for measurement work.

Can you measure all mobile technologies and bands without walking around my office several times?

Yes, our portable equipment is optimised to gather all signals in a single pass.

When you survey our premises where do you need to go?

We need to walk / drive through all areas where radio equipment (mobile phones etc) would be used. Generally we will avoid disturbing the operation of the business by walking along existing walking routes without entering hazardous or commercially sensitive areas.

How do you present the measurements made during the survey?

Results are normally presented graphically as a coloured overlay on a plan or map of the area surveyed. This typically represents a ‘snail trail’ of the route followed during the survey. Colours will be used to differentiate signal levels or other performance characteristics. Data can also be analysed and compared in tabular form to provide summary information, or raw data tables can be supplied to the customer for their own analysis.

Can you use any colour scheme for our signal plots?

Yes we can use any colours that you require.

Can you survey my home?

Yes we can survey homes or small premises.

Do you operate outside of the UK?

Yes – Siroda is based in the UK, but we can measure worldwide.

Are your measurements traceable to national standards?

Our measurement equipment is calibrated and traceable to national standards. The company operates under an ISO9001 Quality policy.

Can you measure new, emerging or experimental technologies?

Yes, we have a track record in developing measurement techniques for new technologies or unusual situations.